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403.33 - Affirmative Action

The Linn-Mar Community School District is committed to identifying and eliminating past and present effects of discrimination in employment including policies and practices that pose barriers to equal employment opportunity.

To achieve equal opportunity the district recognizes the need to take affirmative action to identify classifications with under-representation of minorities, members of diverse racial/ethnic groups, females, and persons with disabilities; to set goals and timetables for increasing the employment of under-represented groups; and to develop an Affirmative Action Plan for implementing those reasonable goals through outreach, recruitment, training, and other special activities and commitments.

The Affirmative Action Plan helps enable the district to:

  • Employ the most qualified person for the position;
  • Fully utilize the available talent pool;
  • Be fair and just;
  • Provide diverse role models for students and better prepare students for living and working in diverse communities and for success in a global economy;
  • Reduce stereotypes;
  • Increase credibility with all stakeholders; and
  • Encourage and support economic development and entice investment in Iowa.

The Linn-Mar Community School District Affirmative Action Plan will be distributed annually to each covered location. Staff will be provided periodic professional development regarding their responsibilities for implementation of the Affirmative Action Plan. A report shall be given to the Board of Directors annually.

Inquiries regarding compliance with equal educational or employment opportunities and/or affirmative action should be directed to the Linn-Mar Equity Coordinators and/or Affirmative Action Coordinator who have been designated by the district to coordinate the district’s efforts to comply with the regulations implementing Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, the ADA, § 504, and Iowa Code § 280.3 (2007).

  • Equity, Affirmative Action, and Title IX Coordinator:
    • Karla Christian, Chief Officer of Human Resources
      319-447-3036 /
      2999 N 10th Street – Room 213, Marion IA 52302

  • Equity Coordinators: 
    • Nathan Wear, Associate Superintendent (Secondary Level)     
      319-447-3028 /
      2999 N 10th Street – Room 200, Marion IA 52302

    • Bob Read, Associate Superintendent (Elementary Level)
      319-447-3016 /
      2999 N 10th Street – Room 200, Marion IA 52302

Inquiries may also be directed in writing to the following:

Adopted: 2/09
Reviewed: 1/11; 12/11; 4/13; 2/14; 9/14; 8/17; 6/20; 4/23
Revised: 10/23