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403.39 - Employee Background Checks

The district believes in hiring and using quality employees and supports appropriate background checks for all employees to promote staff and student safety. Therefore, the board authorizes the superintendent [or designee] to access and review specific information for each applicant for employment and every current employee pursuant to this policy.

Applicants for Employment: For every applicant for employment with the district the superintendent [or designee] will access and review certain background information for the applicant prior to their hiring. The superintendent [or designee] will access and review background information regarding the applicant from the following sources:

  1. The Iowa Courts information system available to the general public;
  2. The Sex Offender Registry system available to the general public;
  3. The Central Registry for Child Abuse information;
  4. The Central Registry for Dependent Adult Abuse information; and
  5. The National Criminal History database.

Continuing Compliance: As required by law, current employees of the district will be subject to background rechecks every five years based on their initial date of hire. Positions exempt from the district recheck include teachers, administrators, school business officials, school facilitators, paraprofessionals, and non-teaching coaches provided that these positions are subject to Board of Educational Examiners authorization for either initial licensure or renewal.  

The superintendent [or designee] may utilize a background check service that meets the legal requirements to access this information.

The district will not charge an employee for the cost of the background registry checks required. The district will maintain documentation demonstrating compliance with the required background check procedures.

Adopted: 9/14
Reviewed: 8/17; 6/20; 4/23
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 19B; 20; 35C; 73; 216; 279.8; 281 IAC 12.4; 95
IASB Reference: 401.01