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403.35 - Social Networking

Electronic social networking sites will be used in accordance with board policies on bullying, harassment, work requirements, and conduct for the purpose of promoting learning and associated communication. All users of the school district’s technology resources will comply with this policy as well as others impacting the use of school equipment and facilities. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination as well as suspension and/or revocation of technology access privileges.

Electronic social networking includes but is not limited to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, and websites.

Usage of the school district’s technology resources is a privilege not a right and that use entails responsibility. District-owned technology and district-maintained social media and email accounts are the property of the school district. Therefore, users of the school district’s network must not expect nor does the school district guarantee privacy for email or use of the school district’s network, including websites visited. The school district reserves the right to access and view any materials stored on school district equipment or any materials used in conjunction with the school district’s network.

For purposes of this policy, any website other than the school district’s website or district-sanctioned websites are considered external websites. All users will not post confidential or proprietary information including photographic images about the district, its employees, students, agents, or others on any external website without consent of the superintendent [or designee]. All users will adhere to all applicable privacy and confidentiality policies adopted by the school district when on external websites. All users will not use district logos, images, iconography, etc., on external websites. 

Employees/volunteers will not use school district time or property on external sites that are not in direct relation to their jobs. All users need to realize that the Internet is not a closed system, and anything posted on external sites may be viewed by others.

The superintendent [or designee] is responsible for administrative regulations on the use of social networking media.

Adopted: 3/11
Reviewed: 12/11; 4/13; 4/23
Revised: 9/14; 11/16; 8/17; 6/20
Related Policy: 103 Series; 403.21; 502.1; 603.12
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): § 279.8; 282 IAC 25-26
IASB Reference: 401.13; 401.13-R(1)