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403.27-R - Regulations Regarding Pay Deductions

The district complies with all applicable laws with respect to payment of wages and benefits to employees including laws such as the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the Iowa Wage Payment Collection Act. The district will not make pay deductions that violate either federal or state laws.

Any employee who believes that the district has made an inappropriate deduction or has failed to make proper payment regarding wages or benefits is encouraged to immediately consult with their appropriate supervisor. Alternatively, any employee may file a formal written complaint explaining the nature of the improper deduction and the payroll dates in question with the Chief Officer of Human Resources. (Refer to Policy 403.27-E)

Within 15 business days of receiving the complaint, the Chief Officer of Human Resources will make a determination as to whether the pay deductions were appropriate and provide the employee with a written response that may include reimbursement for any pay deductions that were not made appropriately. In the event of an error, adjustments shall be made in compensation no later than the following pay period.

This complaint procedure is available in addition to any other complaint process that also may be available to employees.

Adopted: 4/06
Reviewed: 3/11; 12/11; 4/13; 9/14; 8/17; 6/20
Revised: 4/23
Related Policy: 403.27; 403.27-E
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): §§ 91A.2(4), .3; 294.8-9, .16; 29 USC Sec 2 13(a); 29 CFR Pt 541

IASB Reference: 706.03-R(1)