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403.28-E - Staff Internet Use Agreement

Click here to download the Staff Internet Use Agreement Form

I have read the expected network etiquette (Policies 603.12, 603.12-R1, and 603.12-R2) and agree to abide by these provisions. 

I understand that violation of these provisions may constitute suspension or revocation of internet privileges.

I agree to be responsible for payment of costs incurred by accessing cost-based data services and/or damage to district devices; including repair or replacement as a result of misuse.

Name (Please Print):
Date Signed:

Please return this signed for to your direct supervisor.

Adopted: 8/89
Reviewed: 7/11; 2/15; 4/18; 4/23
Revised: 9/12; 10/13; 6/20
Related Policy: 403.28; 403.29; 403.35; 603.12; 603.12-R1-R2; 603.12-E1
Legal Reference (Code of Iowa): 279.8; 282 IAC 25-26